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Sunday, June 18, 2017

Mastery Year 1: Interlude 4

Hi, all, this is Daniel-of-2017.

I've been doing this project for so long, now--five years! It just suddenly hits me sometimes when I write the date. And it's been 17 years since I first came on the campus of the school with no name. It doesn't feel like that long, except that in that time, I've grown up, gotten two degrees, gotten married, become one of the leaders of a secret, counter-cultural community, had a child...I suppose all of that legitimately takes some time.

Anyway, Father's Day has rolled around again, so I don't want to spend all evening on the computer--I'm supposed to be having desert with my family right now--so I'll make this fairly quick.

This coming week is Litha. It's also my wedding anniversary. Of course, they've both been the same week for the past nine years without causing a problem, but this is the year when it complicates my narrative--if I stuck with my once-weekly posts, then there would be this post (which is really Monday's post, so the 19th), Litha on the 26th, then the post about my wedding would be on on the 3rd of July, almost two weeks after it's supposed to be, and when I'm supposed to be writing about Independence Day....

That won't do. So, you get this post now, you get the Litha post later this week, and if I have time, you'll get the post about my wedding later this week, too.

And then we'll go on from there.

-best, D.

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