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Monday, January 25, 2016

Year 3: Eighth Interlude

This is my last of the non-narrative posts for this batch. Next week I'll post on Brigid as my twenty-two-year-old self, making this the Interlude, more or less. Really, all of January has been an interlude.

In my narrative, I talk about the classes I take, but I seldom mention the classes other people take, let alone the variety of workshops and classes available. Since I naturally focused on those classes and events that suited my interests and credit requirements, I worry that I've given a somewhat lopsided view of the school, focused disproportionately on science, when actually science was something of a sideline for most people.

I don't have a record of every single class, workshop, and talk offered during the four years I was a novice, but I've been able to cobble together a list of most of them. I've asked around, and this list is pretty representative of the variety that most of us can remember from that period--in more recent years, the curriculum was slightly different.

I am leaving out the few classes and events specifically aimed at candidates, since we novices were hardly aware of them at the time.


Dark Waters (a psychopathology survey course)
Intro to Psychology
Gender Studies (team taught with Kit)
Tricks of the Trade (stage magic)
Psychology of Magic
Lies, Statistics, and Illusions
Healer's Health (self-care for clergy)

Extra-curriculars and mini-classes/events

Group Therapy (weekly)
Philosopher's Stone Soup (weekly)
Stage Magic (workshop for those considering training)
Advanced Stage Magic (workshop restricted to those already in training)
Juggling (introductory workshop)
Playing (workshop on the Island--does consist of fun)



Intro to Ecology
Science Literature (how to find and understand professional science papers) 
Messing Around Outdoors
Literature of the Land (reading nature writing)
Creating Campus (wildlife-friendly landscaping)
Environmentalism for Dummies

Extra-curriculars and mini-classes/events

Dead Poet's Society (weekly)
Paleolithic Dinner (weekly)
Horticulture Training (weekly)
Chainsaw Safety and Maintenance (workshop)
Axe Work and Sharpening (workshop)
Tracking (introductory workshop)
Tracking Spring (botany/plant ecology workshop)
Inside a Woodchuck (workshop--dissecting woodchucks)
Tanning and Leatherwork (workshop)
Art and Craft of Woodwork (workshop)
Art and Craft of Bone and Antler (workshop)
Natural History of the Island (workshop) 



American Minority Perspectives
Intro to History
Sacred Threads: American Religious History
American History of Dissent
World History: Africa
World History: The Americas
World History: Asia
World History: India
Intro to Buddhism
The Art of Listening and Love

Extra-curriculars and Mini-classes/Events

Zazen Meditation (daily)
Alchemy (monthly, if students show strong interest)
American History Talks (in observance of days of historical importance, such as Pearl Harbor Day)
Islamic History Talks (lots of these after 9/11)
Other Talks (mostly on religious history and Buddhism)



Beginning Horsemanship
Advanced Beginner Horsemanship
Healing Horsemanship (helping horses with physical and behavioral problems)

Extra-curriculars and Mini classes/Events

Reiki Workshop (weekly)
Manifestation Workshop (monthly)
Animals in Service (talk)
History of Animal Labor (workshop on the Island)
That Good Night (workshop on veterinary end of life issues)
Veterinary First Aid (workshop)
Veterinary Nursing Care (workshop)
Bedside Manner/Working with a Patient's family (workshop)
Magic Talks (topics include pendulum use, visualization, astral projection and perception, animal communication)



Personal Safety and Fitness
Intermediate Martial Arts
Energy, Ethics, and Honor (includes martial arts-related occult skills)
Advanced Martial Arts and Healing
Sword and Empty Hand Sparring
Zen Flower Arrangement

Extra-curricular and Mini classes/Events

Calisthenics (daily)
Zazen on the Island (workshop)
Advanced Flower Arrangement (workshop)
Advanced Reiki (workshop)
History of Asian Martial Arts (seminar)
Buddhism in America (seminar)
Zen and Art (seminar)
Women in Buddhism (seminar)



Intro to Sacred Dance
Intro to Wiccan Magic
Intro to Wiccan Ritual and Myth
Gender Studies (team taught with Allen)
Music Theory and Practice
The Spirit of Music (music in magic and spiritual practice)
Herbal Magic and the Allies of the Land
Intro to Anthropology

Extra-curriculars and Mini classes/Events

Thursday Night Jam (weekly musical jam session)
Callalloo (occasional open mike event)
Storyteller's Circle (occasional)
Practical Yoga (daily)
Sacred Dance and Movement (talk)
Island Workshops (workshop)
Teaching Coven (meets for sabbats and esbats)
Tools of the Craft (talk)
Time and Direction in Wicca (talk) 
Magic Talks (topics include trance induction/extraction, dreaming, intention, and visualization)

Other Instructors (allies and student-instructors)


Recognizing Rocks, Crystals, and Gems (basic minerology plus introductory crystal magic)
Earth and Water (introductory earth science course)
Moving Earth: Geological Processes
Everyday Physics (introduction to Newtonian physics)
Physics and Fiction (exploring physics through speculative fiction)
Einstein and Atom (introduction to Einsteinian and subatomic physics)
Earth Science Literacy (includes climatology)
Weather Magic
Spirit and Magic of Sex (theory only)
Farm Training (taught by Sarah)
Campus Systems (taught by Chuck)
Latin (taught by Charlie but not every year)
Greek (taught by Charlie but not every year)
Spanish (taught by Charlie but not every year)
Hebrew (when there's interest)
Kabbalah Studies (only offered to students fluent in Hebrew)
Aramaic (when there's interest)
Cooking (taught by Sadie)
Advanced Math (taught by Malachai, when there's interest)


First Aid/CPR
First Responder Certification
Introduction to Bee Keeping (workshop)
Personal Health (workshops, seminars, and talks)
Shearing, Dyeing, and Spinning (workshop)
Weaving (workshop)
Knitting (workshop)
Crochet (workshop)
Biblical History (workshop)
Incense Blending and Aroma Therapy (workshop)
Candle Magic (seminar)
Energy Self-Defense (seminar)
Personal Security (workshop taught by Security Joe)

I could probably go on. I keep remembering more. But that gives you the picture.


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