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Friday, November 22, 2013

Part 7: Post 7: Turkey Day

The snow melted, as everyone thought it would, though we could get more next week. More likely, it will rain.

In the meantime, we--Turtle Dorm--got to eat turkey. Apparently,we couldn't wait for Thanksgiving.

I forget if I've mentioned it, but Charlie doesn't just hunt deer and woodchucks. The last month or two he's been bringing in a turkey every week or two. But the thing about a turkey is that one turkey won't feed everybody on campus, not even with so many people gone for the winter. So the way we do it is a kind of lottery. Someone--I think it's some of the remaining Dining Hall people--pluck and clean the bird and then someone from each of the dorms guesses a number between one and ten. Whoever gets closest wins the turkey. This week, we won the turkey.

It looked different than I'd expected, slimmer and sleeker,but of course I'd never seen a wild turkey roasted before, only domestic ones. We roasted it--it was very flavorful, but a bit chewy and dry. I'm not sure we cooked it right. We served it with mashed potatoes and turnips and an apple and walnut stuffing. We would have offered the leftovers to people in the other dorms, but there wasn't much left. It all evens out, anyway--they've won the lottery before.

So, obviously I'm thinking about Thanksgiving and the other holidays. I'm going home for Thanksgiving, but I don't think I'll go home for Christmas. My brother and his wife are going on a cruise over the holidays, so it's not like it would be a traditional Christmas anyway. I kind of want to know what Christmas is like, here, anyway.

Sorry I don't have much to say this week. Nothing much is happening.

Note from Daniel-of-2013; what a teeny-tiny post! It's true nothing much happened this week 13 years ago, but usually I can figure out something thematically related to tie in. The fact of the matter is that my wife had a minor surgical procedure done yesterday, and while she's going to be perfectly fine, apparently worry has temporarily sucked up my mojo as a writer. That, and she's totally hopped up on painkillers and she spent the day in her bathrobe watching a non-stop marathon of documentaries on JFK while I chase our daughter around the house and try to keep her from--quite literally--climbing up the drapes. We should be back in shape in time for Monday's post. -D.K.

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